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Rouen Rouen: Frank has been raising Rouen ducks for over 50 years. The Rouen duck is derived from the wild Mallard. They are marked with the same color pattern as Mallards, with drakes having green heads, white collars, claret breast and a blue patch on the wing. But, Rouen ducks are brighter in color and larger in size than Mallards.

The Rouen was developed in France and was admitted to the American Standard in 1874. It is still considered the superior meat bird in Europe, where much more duck is consumed. These ducks are excellent foragers, calm in disposition. Slow maturation (6-8 months) helps produce fine, lean and highly flavored meat. The standard weight is 8-9 lbs. When these ducks are ready they are unsurpassed in gourmet quality.

Aylesbury Aylesbury: Known as the White English and later as the Aylesbury in England as early as 1815, it was developed as a large meat producing breed. Producing white skin and tender meat The standard weight is 8-9 lbs.