Reese Turkeys

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Standard Bronze: Admitted into the American Poultry Association (A.P.A.) in 1874 the Bronze is the biggest American turkey. Coming from Rhode Island, early settlers developed this family sized bird. With a magnificent glow and a loud gobble. This beautiful bird has the standard weight of 20-36 lbs.

Bourbon Red: Since 1909 the elegant chestnut plumage with wings and tail of white originated in Bourbon County Kentucky.  The standard weight of the Bourbon Red is 18-33 lbs. The New York times Featured Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch Inc. Bourbon Reds in the Nov. 21st, 2002 issue

Narragansett: The Narragansett was admitted to the A.P.A. in 1874. A beautiful silver bird edged in black with a golden tail, originated form Narragansett Bay. Settlers carefully blended the attributes of the Norfolk Black and the wild turkey of Rhode Island. The standard weight is 18-33 lbs.

Black Turkey: Admitted to the A.P.A. in 1874 the Black Turkey is a descendent of the Mexican Turkeys taken to Spain then to England and brought to America for colonist to start their flocks. The standard weight for the Black turkey is 18-33 lbs.

White Holland: Admitted to A.P.A. in 1874 this bird has beautiful white plumage and a beard that is deep black.